Read Talk Play Everyday

Read Talk Play is a successful initiative in American Falls and Pocatello-Chubbuck that encourages parents to read, talk and play with their children every day.

Read Talk Play is designed to help parents help their children develop communication skills, relational skills, emotional skills, and the vocabulary to help them be successful in school and, most importantly, in life.

Using common language for both kids and adults, the directions are in the name -- read, talk, and play with your kids every day!

A United Way of Southeastern Idaho-led early learning collaborative helped American Falls School District launch Read Talk Play Everyday, educating parents on their role in developing their children’s cognitive, social and emotional skills. In 2022-23, the collaborative expanded “Read Talk Play Everyday” to Pocatello/Chubbuck in 2022 and added 20 new partners across Southeast Idaho for the Read Talk Play Initiative.

"Read Talk Play Every Day” kits are available to check out at Portneuf District Library, Marshall Public Library, Snake River School-Community Library and North Gem School District. Each kit, which is designed for pre-kindergarten children ages 3-5, has everything parents need to read, talk and play with their early learner.

For more information, please contact Tennille below.


Tennille Call, Director of Education
United Way of Southeastern Idaho
(208) 232-1389