Diverse colleagues putting their hands together

Partnerships are at the core of what the United Way of Southeastern Idaho does best. Our mission is to build powerful partnerships that improve outcomes for children, families, and individuals in need. 

ALICE is our north star. 

We build partnerships, find solutions, invest in promising programs, and advocate for ALICE. ALICE is the portion of SE Idaho that is Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed. 

ALICE families include those under the federal poverty level plus those making above the federal poverty level but not enough to live financially stable lives. Idaho runs on ALICE – service workers, retail, other front line workers, and sometimes even our teachers. 

The United Way of Southeastern Idaho is uniquely positioned to build powerful partnerships at the intersection of the human services nonprofit sector, corporate sector, government sector, educational institutions, and more. We follow a collective impact model whereby cross-sector partners from across our region align on common goals and strategies to improve health, education, and financial stability outcomes for ALICE families. 


Our List of Partners: 

Funded Partners – Partners funded through our community investment grants process. 

Cradle to Career Partners – Partners who have collectively come together to align on strategies to improve educational outcomes in our region. 

Corporate Partners – Partners who lead the way in our region to help fund and support our work.

Media Partners - Partners who donated their media sponsorship.