imPACT East Idaho Leadership Table

Group of people working together

Our Early Learning and Education to Careers Collaboratives are advised by our regional Leadership Table.  This group serves as a 30,000 foot view of our overall Cradle to Career efforts and features representation from the many movers and shakers in our region.  While the working collaboratives meet monthly and delve into the nitty gritty of data, best practice, goal setting, strategy development/implementation, and continuous improvement process; the Leadership Table serves in an advisory capacity and meets on a quarterly basis.  

The responsibility of this group is to provide high level accountability and support for the working collaboratives by:  

  • Reducing and removing barriers and disparities inhibiting working collaboratives progress.
  • Supporting and promoting implementation of collaborative strategies.
  • Providing support and resources necessary for rapid replication and scaling of successful efforts.
  • Utilizing their extensive networks and influence, to impact systems level and policy change.