Empowering Our Community Through Grant Opportunities

In southeastern Idaho, nearly half of working families find themselves just above the poverty line, facing the challenge of making ends meet. These families, known as ALICE (Asset Limited, Income-Constrained, Employed) households, are at the heart of our focus. Our Community Investment process is a direct response to their needs, made possible through the compassion and dedication of organizations like yours.

Thank you for considering partnering with United Way of Southeastern Idaho in our collective mission to make a positive impact in our community. We greatly appreciate your dedication to creating meaningful change.

2025-2026 TimelineCommunity Investment Grants

Letter of Intent

Opens 1st week of January 2025


Opens 3rd week of January 2025

Grant Application Alignment

Our grant process is designed to be a platform through which your organization's initiatives can directly impact the lives of those in need. We're seeking programs that align with our core Impact Areas:

GOAL: All children in Eastern Idaho will enter school ready for kindergarten.

GOAL: Every person in Eastern Idaho will obtain a postsecondary credential or degree leading to economic empowerment.

GOAL: All individuals, especially vulnerable populations and rural communities, will have access to healthy food and nutrition.

GOAL: All individuals will have access to programs that support good nutrition.

GOAL: All ALICE families will have access to permanent, supportive, and affordable housing in our region.

GOAL: All ALICE families will have access to resources to avoid evictions that result in homelessness.

GOAL: All individuals and families (including survivors of domestic violence) experiencing homelessness will have access to safe, reliable shelter and case management services in our region.

GOAL: All SE Idahoans will have affordable access to mental and behavioral healthcare.

GOAL: All SE Idahoans will have access to health insurance and basic healthcare.

GOAL: All individuals, especially survivors of abuse, will have access to a safe living environment.

Your application should demonstrate how your program outcomes directly contribute to population-level outcomes in these areas. By aligning your efforts with our community's most pressing needs, we can amplify our collective impact.

To ensure the alignment of our efforts

And to make a significant difference, we want to provide you with clear qualifications and all the resources for submitting a funding application:

  1. Program Outcomes and Data-Driven Approach: We are committed to programs that demonstrate measurable impact. Your application should show how your programs and services are improving a population-level outcome.
    • For example, if your program is distributing food to children, you can tie your program outcomes to population-level outcomes. For instance: "Our program served 300 children this year. We know that 16.7% of children in Idaho are food insecure. Therefore, our program is directly contributing to improving this population-level outcome."
  2. Focus on Community Needs: Our goal is to address the most pressing needs of our community. Your application should demonstrate a clear connection between your program's outcomes and the community needs you're addressing. We encourage a strategic approach that leads to meaningful change.
  3. 501(c)(3) Status: Eligible applicants must be a human service 501(c)(3) organization that has been operational for a minimum of two years. This ensures that our partnerships are with organizations that have a proven track record of service and impact.
  4. Funding Request Amount: Funding requests must be a minimum of $1,000 and must not exceed $30,000. If your program requires funding beyond $30,000, we kindly ask that you consult with UWSEI staff before submitting your request.

Apply and Make a Difference

We encourage organizations that meet these qualifications to submit their funding applications. By partnering with us, you become part of a network that is actively working to create positive change in Southeastern Idaho.

Volunteer Voices

Behind this process are dedicated volunteers who carefully review grant applications and conduct site visits. These volunteers, who share your passion for change, become the voice of our donors. Their commitment ensures that donor contributions are strategically channeled to create the greatest impact.

Our Focus on Impact

United Way of Southeastern Idaho is dedicated to moving the needle on our community's most critical needs. Our approach emphasizes how program outcomes contribute to population-level outcomes, ensuring that our efforts have a far-reaching impact.

Links and Resources

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Together, we are making a difference.

Your organization's commitment to serving our community is inspiring. By aligning with United Way of Southeastern Idaho, we're joining forces to create a more prosperous, equitable future for all. We look forward to reviewing your application and, together, transforming lives for the better.

Should you have any questions or need clarification, please don't hesitate to contact Molly Olson. We're here to support you throughout the application process.

Thank you for your dedication, and we eagerly anticipate the positive impact we can create together.

Warm regards,
Molly Olson
Chief Operations Officer
United Way of Southeastern Idaho
208-232-1389 ext. 102